Crafting Great Content Doesn't Have To Be Hard Work!

Did you know that a website visitor takes less than 3 seconds to decide whether or not they are interested in the information on the page?

That's right - 3 seconds!

This is why you need powerful and engaging content which converts “browsers” into “buyers.”

Compelling content gets people to pay attention, and come back for more. Whether it’s a targeted sales page, product descriptions that grab attention, or a brand new website, we'll create optimized copy that converts website visitors into new customers.

If you've ever tried to hire a copywriter before, you know it can be a complete nightmare.

Many times they're not copywriters at all - but simply English speakers who got an "A" on an essay in college and figure that makes them a "writer"

Usually this means you get a reliable person who creates low-quality copy - OR - maybe they create great copy, but are hard to get a hold of or constantly miss deadlines.

Hiring a successful copywriter with a proven track record guarantees you'll get website visitors to take action. For most businesses this means having your ideal customers calling your phone, sending you email requests, purchasing your offers online, or walking through your door.

Ask any of our clients and they'll tell you we consistently produce the highest-quality content which converts website visitors into new business. We do it on time, and are the definition of 'easy to work with'

We've even had clients increase conversions more than 80% thanks to our content marketing.

Let us help YOU get the most out of your website content too.

Our Services

  • Recurring Website Content

    Value-driven blogs or articles published to your website consistently build visibility and authority in your market.

  • SEO Optimized Content

    If your focus is to increase search engine rankings, we’ll develop content that’s designed to convert – AND – is completely optimized for your target keywords.

  • Lead Magnets and Opt-in Incentives

    If you’re trying to build your list, you know it’s critical to offer an incentive that persuades people to give you their details. We can help you craft education-based material that is both valuable and intriguing.

  • Product or Listing Descriptions

    Need to increase conversions on your Ecommerce store or Amazon listing? We’ll craft enticing and persuasive listing content or product descriptions to increase conversions, and your bottom line.

  • Downloadable Content Assets

    Ebooks, Info products, PDF guides – all of these can be leveraged to drive new leads and increase revenue in your business. Let us handle the heavy lifting and develop comprehensive content assets that deliver value to your audience, and establish your brand as an authority in the field.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

    Email is still one of the most profitable ways to leverage your list and drive sales fast. If you haven’t designed and implemented a strategic email marketing campaign focused on specific growth objectives, you’re leaving easy money on the table.

  • Content Marketing Strategy

    Your content should be created and delivered strategically – with a specific purpose, and the ability to track performance and results. We can help you develop a value-driven content strategy that moves your business closer to your monthly, quarterly, or annual goals.

  • Editorial Calendar Planning

    Don’t throw content topics at the wall just to see what sticks. Successful businesses are able to track the results of their content marketing tactics because they have a plan in place. We’ll help you develop a monthly, quarterly, or yearly editorial calendar which outlines foundational pillar topics best suited to your audience and marketing goals. We’ll also develop a content calendar to help you stay on track over time.

  • Sales and Conversion Copy

    Building a new sales page or landing page? Professional copywriting can mean the difference between success or failure when it comes to product launches or promotions. We’ll develop a strategic sales message designed to convert browsers into buyers, and accelerate your revenue growth.

  • Marketing Project Management

    We manage marketing projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a new product launch, the development of a new info course, driving traffic to your sales page, or building out your new website – we work with a consortium of marketing professionals to get you the results you need. From SEO, to PPC, to social media management – we’ll liaise with our network of proven experts who we trust and work with ourselves. Or we’re happy to put you in touch with them directly – just ask us.

  • Copywriting or Content Coaching

    Looking to develop your own content marketing skills? We provide coaching sessions and monthly consulting plans to help you become and expert copywriting or content marketer. Learn more about our coaching and consultation services here.

  • DIY Resources and Guides

    If you want to learn about content marketing and copywriting at your own pace, we provide comprehensive guides and resources for anyone who is budget-conscious or simply prefers to handling things on their own. Check out our current resources and guides here.

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Bart (BD) Dalton


I had all sorts of ideas in my head ready to escape! Rachel took those thoughts and corralled them into a form which became my book True Gravity. RMMM made it so that everything from cover art, formation, website and branding came together seamlessly. Thanks to Rachel I am working on my next book following the success of my current project.

Bart (BD) Dalton, Business Consultant and Author of True Gravity

Is Content Marketing Right For Your Business?

Our content marketing and copywriting services are ideal for businesses that...

  • Believe in long-term, sustainable marketing strategies which produce cumulative results over time
  • Have a deep understanding of their ideal customers and market
  • Consistently generate a minimum of $200,000 in annual revenue
  • Have a targeted list or channel to get conversion-focused content in front of ideal readers
  • Have specific marketing objectives and a clear purpose/goal for their content

If your business meets the criteria above then let's talk!

Click the big orange button to schedule a session and answer a few questions. We'll dive into your situation before we speak so we can get right down to business building the right strategy for you.

At the end of our call, we'll send you a detailed action plan you can use to start getting more exposure, increasing your authority in the market, and drive more business through your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see results from a new content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a long-term game, and the results are cumulative over time. If you have a limited budget and need magic marketing dust to get you immediate results RIGHT NOW, then you should focus your efforts on other quick wins.

Can you manage all the marketing activities for my business?

While we do offer comprehensive project management services, we specialize in delivering great content that converts. In order to continue providing great service to our clients, we are very selective when considering long-term marketing management arrangements. If you need other marketing services - such as SEO, PPC, or Social Media management - we work with a consortium of marketing professionals and would be more than happy to refer you to someone we trust and know will deliver fantastic results.

I want to write content for my business myself, but am not sure how to approach it strategically, how can you help me?

If you want to create content for your business on your own, we can help you develop a content marketing plan and editorial calendar. These plans help you develop strategic content that will continuously move your business toward your quarterly and yearly goals. Having a plan avoids the "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" mentality, and allows you to move forward with purpose, as well as measure results. Learn more about our coaching and consultation services here.


How much will this cost?

The cost of professional content marketing and copywriting services varies depending on your needs, and the size of the project. For example, a recurring visibility campaign that involves developing new blog posts each week can cost between $1000 - $2500 per month. If your business isn't making at least $200,000 in revenue each year, or you cannot afford to make a dedicated marketing investment on an ongoing basis, we can help you find other marketing strategies which better fit your current budget. You can get a free project plan and schedule a complimentary consultation here.

I'm very particular about my content, how do I know your material will fit the culture of my business?

We specialize in crafting copy that embodies the "voice" of your business. We'll spend time with you - either over Skype, or in person - to better understand the culture of your business so we can develop appropriate style guidelines for any content we create.

I have a unique project or idea that I don't see listed on your services page, can we still work together?

The great thing about content that converts is that it comes in many forms - the possibilities are virtually endless. If you have a special project, or simply need help bringing your ideas into reality - schedule a consultation and we'll come up with a plan together. The best way to move forward is to answer a few questions so we can create a project plan for you. You can do that here.

About RMMM

At RM Media and Marketing, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners drive new business and engage with their existing audience through dynamic content marketing strategies.

Whether you're looking for "done for you" copywriting services, professional consultation on developing an editorial calendar, or DIY resources and guides - we're committed to helping you see a transparent return on your marketing investment.

Contact us today and tell us what you’re working on! We’re here to help.

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